Advanced WordPress Settings For Proper SEO & Advice – Part 1 (Nobody Talks About These Techniques)

This is the advanced WordPress settings for serious and proper SEO (search engine optimization).


  1. Max Dai says:

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  2. Daren Pearson says:

    I don’t think it’s right to nofollow navigation links. Don’t you think that
    way you will restrict crawling to deep internal pages.

    • Max Dai says:

      Dear Daren,

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

      The reason that we do it is for something called ‘Relevancy boost’. One you submit for indexing, the crawler will spread all over the page and enter those dofollow links. There might be multiple categories, like multiple products inside a navigation link that might disturb the relevancy. Only the homepage should be dofollow. By the way, this also helps to avoid the duplicate content issue. If you do proper planning with all the products and sub-products/categories, this is the best strategy so far.

      In the content, you must make powerful dofollow internal linking to the pages that are most relevant. It is just an illusion that those nofollowed links inside the navigation menu will be deindexed. We apply this in a method called silo architecture and this is a part of Advanced SEO that no-one talks about, at least not for free.

      We will only allow the crawlers to navigate to those pages which we want them to navigate to. This means the pages that are most relevant to our content, which we post inside the body.


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