Which SEO Tools Should You Use to Start Ranking Your Content? (2020 SEO Guide)

Learn SEO in this beginner’s guide to SEO tools. Which tools should you start with, and how much should you spend? Setting your site up the right way from the beginning can save you tons of time making corrections later. Getting started with SEO can be intimidating if you try to do everything all at once. In this video, Eric Siu shares his favorite ways to learn SEO and will walk you through the foundations you’ll need to set up to master SEO and start ranking your site on Google.

In this SEO tutorial for beginners step by step, you’ll learn how to do SEO and how to use the best free SEO tools to get you started choosing keywords and setting your site up in the right niche. If you’ve been wondering what is SEO and how does it work, this video will help you choose the best SEO tools and understand how to get started!


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  1. Jonas Munnich says:

    Ubersuggest – best SEO-tool ever! 😉

  2. Lucian Pei says:

    Awesome! love it Eric, are you going to be making more Youtube content marketing tips anytime soon? Since I noticed your channel over doubled since last year, thanks 🙂

  3. Javid Hakimi says:

    When I go to ubbersuggest, I don’t see the same version as you do? Is it because you are accessing some beta version which Neil has provided to you?

  4. Kumar Pradhan says:

    Hi Eric, pleased and fascinated of learning Such an amazing worthfull of ideas consistently.Loved what you do,cause mine too enthusiastically interested in Marketing and Seo very much. I genuinely believe you had a wonderful day today😊

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